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Appalachian Stomp 2019

Song                                                                     Choreographer                            Level

Blackberry Blossom                                       Pam Smiley                                     Buck   

Cecilia                                                                Andy Howard                                  EZ Intermediate

Compass                                                           Andy Howard                                  Easy     

Fly Around Trio Dance                               Andy Howard                                   Easy

GET REEL                                                        Darolyn Pchajek                           Intermediate

Got A Lot of Rhythm In My Soul              Andy Howard                                  Intermediate+

HALLELUJAH BABY                                  Darolyn Pchajek                            Beginner+

Higher Love                                                       Amanda Burns                              Intermediate

I LOVE ME                                                       Darolyn Pchajek                            Advanced

Intro to Buck                                                     Pam Smiley                                     Buck     

Jambalaya                                                        Andy Howard                                 EZ Intermediate

KNOCK 3 TIMES                                           Darolyn Pchajek                            Beginner

LOVE DON'T DIE                                         Darolyn Pchajek                            Intermediate

Me Without You                                              Joyce Guthrie                                 Intermediate+/Couples

Mike Sanyshyns Reel                                    Andy Howard                                  Intermediate

Mony Mony                                                      Andy Howard                                 Intermediate

Peas and Rice                                                  Andy Howard                                 Intermediate+

PLENTY FAR TO FALL                              Darolyn Pchajek                            Beginner+/Easy Int.

Polly Anns Hammer                                       Andy Howard                                  Intermediate

Purple People Eater                                       Janet Sileo                                     Beginner

Reel of the Flying Saucers                          Andy Howard                                 Intermediate+

SIMPLE                                                              Jayne Treadwell                           Intermediate+

SUCKER                                                           Darolyn Pchajek                            Intermediate+

Why Do Fools Fall In Love                          Andy Howard                                 Beginner+/Easy Intermediate

Appalachian Stomp
2019 Cue Sheets